HIKARI MULTI-DRILL HEAD is a machine contributing to the saving of labor and productivity improvement in drill processing and tap processing.|MULTI-DRILL HEAD  / MULTI-DRILL UNIT is HIKARI SEIKO CO., LTD. 


About HIKARI MULTI-DRILL HEAD (the machine tool)

The HIKARI MULTI-DRILL HEAD is the machine tool which can process a product needing a large number of drill processing/tap processing/reamer processing/end mill processing at a time.
The HIKARI MULTI-DRILL HEAD is rational machine tool improving machining man-hour and reduction and machining speed.

The HIKARI MULTI-DRILL HEAD play an active part in the various industries.

The HIKARI MULTI-DRILL HEAD is machining auto mobile parts/electric parts/building material parts/wood work parts/various flanges /various parts/etc.
The HIKARI MULTI-DRILL HEAD is processing various materials iron/iron casting/aluminum/plastic/wood/etc.


1.The product precision is stable.

There is not machining lapse of memory in order that it is made between the decided machining diameter necessary number of the spindles.

2.Productivity improves and labor saving.

It reduces a machining man-hour greatly to have much machining at the same time.

3.This machine contributes to energy saving.

Because it can shorten production time , it reduces energy such as electricity.

4.The operation is simple.

Installation is simple and can use it immediately.

5.This machine is advantageous to the machining of
the mass production product because it can machine a large number of drill.

6. This machine can install various machines.

(Special purpose machine/Drill press/Tapping machine/machining center/etc)

Our characteristic

1.We can produce the HIKARI MULTI-DRILL HEAD which small machining between the small interval can process.

2.We can produce the HIKARI MULTI-DRILL HEAD which can process different size at the same time.

3.We can produce the HIKARI MULTI-DRILL HEAD which can process different specification at the same time.

For example, it can process millimeters screw tapping and inch screw tapping at the same time.

4.We are small companies, but there is long time technical accumulation and trust.

Product practical use example

(model) HMF-SE400X260 8spindles(tap machining (M8))

(model) HMF-SE400X260
8spindles(tap machining (M8))

*spindle fixed type
*auto mobile parts processing
*install special purpose machine(index type)

(model) HMF-S300X130  8spindles (drill machining)

(model) HMF-S300X130 8spindles
(drill machining)

*spindle fixed type
*spindle spec: drill check (YUKIWA)
*auto mobile parts processing
*install NC drill press

(model) HMF-S160X130  6spindles (drill machining(f3.3))

(model) HMF-S160X130 6spindles
(drill machining(φ3.3))

*spindle fixed type:
*spindle spec: collet check (original)
*aluminum case processing
*install drill unit machine(product by TAC GIKEN INDUSTRIES,INC.)